Coliflor Freestyle 2018

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Get that trick that resists you!

Our Snowboard or Freeski is one of the greatest pleasures in this life but there are always aspects of our riding that we would like to improve. That flat trick that just doesn’t work out for us, that rail that I can never finish, or those rotations that I pass or fall short of.

At Coliflor Freestyle we have devised Video Coaching so that our riding can continue to move forward in an easy way and within everyone’s reach. It’s about using Instagram to send and receive videos that you’ve previously recorded: 1. You record the trick that doesn’t work out for you, 2. You send it to our Instagram account @coliflorfreestyle and 3. We respond with corrections to your mistakes. So easy.
Video Coaching is a new form of teaching in which the rider can continue progressing in both his skiing or snowboarding using platforms like Instagram that allow the total interaction between instructor and camper.

Vídeo Customer


Video Correction

Those are the steps to book Video Coaching:
1. Book
the Video Coaching service at +376 753156 or
2. Send us the video testing the trick and a message with what you would like to improve
3. We send you the correction and practical exercises so you can get the trick or style it the way you want.