Coliflor Freestyle 2018

The Stair case, Results


Last Saturday, March 26, was held at the El Tarter Snowpark The Staircase, a jibbing event in a Xpression Session format, which brought together more than 50 riders in the snowboard and freeski categories.

The event brought together the best of the Pyrenean jibbing scene with names like Oriol Asín or Xavi Rodríguez, Suray Fernández and the local Enric Font in freeski.

The Xpression session was played in a one-hour format by discipline, with a great session by the participants and tricks that burst the Staircase prepared by Coliflor Freestyle and Slidewayz Snowboard Shop. Thanks to 686, Nixon, Skiz & Slash for supporting the event.

Photos: Eugenia Tohme




Men Snowboard, Results

1. Xavi Rodríguez
2. Oriol Asín
3. Elias Almonacid



Women Snowboard, Results

1. Alejandra
2. Marta Guarino
3. Suray Fernandez



Freeski Results

1. Andrew Moreno
2. Axel Franke
3. Enric Font



Best Trick Snowboard

Oriol Asín

Best Trick Freeski

Enric Font