Coliflor Freestyle 2018

Beers & Methods Report

Tomás Quiroga riding the spine Terje Style

On saturday January 25 it was held at El tarter snowpark, the Beers & Methods event organized by Coliflor Freestyle and Slidewayz to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Coliflor Freestyle and the 10th anniversary of Slidewayz, in all 30 years of snowboard in only one day of celebration. Photos: Miguel Rubio

Enjoying the Hip

It was a Hip session where all riders would enjoy the spine with the goal of performing the best method air, with style and amplitude. Everything with good vibes and perfect snow conditions thanks to the last snowfalls.


The Chilean armada flew over el Tarter snowpark. Mati “El Pelucas” hitting hard the spine

A lot of riders gathered at 12h in the Village with boardtest of Burton, Arbor and Oakley where the public could test stuff. There was a really nice atmosphere with very good representation of the Chilean Armada as well as the argentinian, spanish and andorran riders, hitting the spine with style and air.


Great atmosphere of beers and riding

Miguelito, backside air


Suray, The best girl of the session

Tomás Quiroga was the winner in a session where he did stylish Methods, Fr 3 Sad and Fr 5

The park locals like Miguelito, Manex, Merlin, Suray…  enjoyed also the spine groomed for 30 years of snowboard celebration


Merlin Shredding the Hip


A lot of riders enjoyed the show


Beers & Methods at El Tarter

In the end, a session with very good atmosphere, that gathered a large number of people, where laughs and air were the key ingredients of the morning

A lot of air from Mati Pelucas


Alma from Oakley set a showroom on the snowpark


Frankfurts and food for everybody


Arbor & Burton Boardtest at the competition village thanks to Slidewayz


Merlin & Enric giving the prizes

Suray earned a board as best female rider


Mati El Pelucas was the winner for the best amplitude earning a Burton board


At the end, there was a board for the public with the method of “run to the hills”. Bruno Capraroli was the fastest of the crew.